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    We are building a new upcoming server called, Castle Craft, taking on a medieval theme. Running on 1.15.2, the server is being built as this is being written. So far lobby and pvp maps have been built but I am looking to expand. MUST BE AT LEAST 15 YEARS OLD




    I am looking for any Developers that can help the owner in installing, updating, and supporting the server on their OWN TIME if they'd like.


    I am looking for any Builders who have extensive experience in building and designing. (In order to verify for this position, you will need to prove building skills and diversity).


    Finally, I am looking for Moderators that can be on the server for extensive amounts of time making sure everything is in order. (In order to verify for this position, you need to prove that you'd be trustworthy and reliable).


    Follow this link and fill out form: https://forms.gle/jKusScLdwq453WVZ7


     I am just trying to build a community of fun, helpful people. Thank you for taking the time to interest yourself into becoming apart of the Castle Craft royal family!

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