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    posted a message on modded mc, able to place blocks, but not break them in survival, can place and break in creative.

    hi, i need help. i made a little modpack for my gf and i and i put in various diff mods + their respective libraries.


    im having a problem where, when i load into a singleplayer world, no matter where i am, im unable to break any blocks (they break, then immediately reappear). if i give myself blocks, im able to place them, but i cant break them. in creative mode, im able to place and break blocks as freely as i want.


    i first discovered this issue playing on a dedicated server i made for us where the same issue was present. i originally thought i had to be a server side issue until i tested it in single player and i saw the same thing happen. (on mulitplayer, creative lets me do wtv, single player same issue)


    im running 1.19.2, the only world gen mod im using that i could possible think it could be the source of the issue are biomes o plenty + terra blender, the rest of the mods are for like extra animals and like sum light magic and exploration mods.


    im thinking its possible a config issue but i cant pinpoint what or where id need to look, could i get sum help pls, thank u <3


    i uploaded a list of all the mods i have loaded.

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