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    yes i am interested in your minecraft staff search anyway if you want to contact me here this is my discord name ❦𝓣𝓻π“ͺ𝓼𝓱❦ # 9532
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    hello !

    I'm interested


    1)Minecraft name: BlackCatPvP

    2)Discord: β¦π“£π“»π“ͺ𝓼𝓱❦#9532

    3)Time zone : GMT+1

    4)Previous Experience with being staff:  I have been chosen as a moderator on mineplex right now I have extensive discord /minecraft moderation skills

    5)Hours on Minecraft (please estimate):  I have been playing minecraft for 7.6k hours 

    6)Proof of previous builds (not required):  I can show my skills via discord!

    7) What staff position are you applying for?:  I am applying for mod

    8)Do you have experience with spigot plugins, and minecraft commands?:  Yes I know how to use spigot plugins even if sometimes they don't work on all versions, I can use all the minecraft commands!

    9) Anything else?: Yes I would like to add an important aspect that is to be able to moderate in a group, your community is very free and open to new players I hope everyone can have a great experience on your server!





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