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    I've been playing with some mods that I put together, they worked just fine for a month or so. And then I had removed one from my folder( of course while the game was closed down) but now whenever I go onto my forge installation along with my original mods the main menu is gray and going all over the place- I know its not one of my resource packs because Its affecting my gameplay as well. My controls are messed up, going opposite directions of where I wanted to go. The sky in game also glitches out as well. Everything is just moving all over the place and just lags everywhere. I've tried detecting if it was one of the mods I was using but there was no prevail, and besides it was working fine before. I have no clue if I messed something up. I'm on minecraft forge 1.12.2. With the newest Java. When I load up other versions of the game I have no problem. I've checked the most recent log to see if anything was up, and there's no crash report either. All I can really provide is a screenshot. 

    Here is a crash report I just received: here



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