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    IP: simplysurvival.net

    Discord: discord.gg/Pna4WhD
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    SimplySurvival is an sVanilla server designed for you to play Minecraft multiplayer without the bad stuff. You can build an amazing base and claim it, explore player-made towns and homes, and make new friends.


    If you're looking for a pay-to-win server with countless annoying features, SimplySurvival isn't for you. Our goal is to keep SS simple and community-based for those that just want to play Minecraft.


    Here's what we have to offer:

    - Player Shops | Everyone is allowed to create their own shop.
    - Player Warps | Set a warp anywhere & instantly travel to other players warps.
    - Easy Land-Claiming | Protect your builds in just a couple clicks.
    - Player-Driven Economy | SimplySurvival only sells a few items at its shop. Buy & sell from other players!
    - Friendly Community | We encourage all current and future players to be friendly and respectful to everyone.

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