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    I just found this pack today and am coming up to speed.  I like to run dynmap and forge essentials on my server.  I mostly use forge essentials for world border/fill, permissions, backups, and chat logging.  The FTB urilities have a pretty great backup system so I switched to that today.  I also am using the FTB launch script that comes with continuum (and other new packs I’m sure).  I’m using it for the auto restart.  I also modified it to pop the files onto/off of a RAM drive.


    Anyway, that’s just some context.  I’m having an issue where players don’t have permissions to many commands they should.  Things like /island.  I noticed it pop up twice in a questbook claim too (the first thing I did in the server).  I’m convinced this has to do with forge essentials permissions plugin.  I don’t know what the island command does and so I don’t know what permissions it needs.  Is there a good list of permissions that all players need to have?  Also is there a permission management framework in this modpack?  I can migrate to that instead of using forge essentials.


    Edit: Ah it appears FTBUtilities has a permissions system.  I’m sure having two on one server would complicate things.  So really the only thing missing from FTBUtilities is worldborder.  The reason I like worldborder is to pregen the map to lessen the server performance hit on exploration and to flesh out the dynmap.  I don’t think that’s much of a concern for something like skyblock so I’ll just ditch forge essentials.

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