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    Hey everyone, I am starting a brand new Minecraft server by the name “WILZON”. This server will include game modes such as Skyblock, PVP, Survival, but it is mainly focused and based on the Survival gamemode.


    As of right now, the staff that will be recruited won’t be paid so this will only be volunteer work at the moment… BUT in the future when the server starts making money, the staff WILL be paid by splitting the revenue!


    What am I looking for?:

    • Plugin Manager(s)
    • Someone/People with Server knowledge
    • Someone/People with Server experiences
    • Someone/People who could moderate the server
    • Builder(s)
    • Someone who would be willing to promote/advertise (if possible)
    • Tester(s)


    If you have anymore questions or are interested, DM me on Discord @wilzonn OR you can join this Server (https://discord.gg/eDwhHwygz)

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