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    posted a message on Announcing Tim's Immersive Experience: Engineers Life MC1.10.2

    I happy to release my second, but very improved modpack. Ofc most credits goes to all the modders who made this possible!

    Here it is: Tims Immersive Experience


    Yet you think why 1.10.2 while we have 1.12 yet?

    I compared the pros and contras, and decide going for 1.10.2 has more pros.

    1.11.2 and 1.12 doesn't add that much more content.

    Besides that the best(most) mods available are still on 1.10.2, so you would miss all the good stuff!


    Let me know how your experience is with this modpack!

    Do you want more screenshots or want me to do series on youtube?

    A server setup?

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    posted a message on My custom made modpack crashes!

    nvm has been solved. Something was wrong with the naming of the project. Solved Modpack works great now!

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    posted a message on My custom made modpack crashes!

    I have made modpack that works fine in my custom profile.

    I have exported it, uploaded it, has been approved. Yet once you install that modpack it will crash on startup.

    I have deleted every single mod by mod in that downloaded modpack profile to find any issue related to a mod. None!

    Once the folder was empty the game works fine. So my guess was that twitch/curse isn't installing the profile correctly.

    So i tried the following:

    I have also ftb beyond installed, i opened that folder and deleted everything inside and then copy pasted everything what's inside the my modpack that was downloaded from twitch/curse app. Guess what it works properly now.

    So now i'm 100% sure something goes wrong when twitch/curse is installing the modpack or setting up the profile.


    So what to do about this?

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    posted a message on Looking for good ideas for my mod

    Hello, i am the developer of Tim's Expansion Mod.

    I have added lots of stuff to the game with my mod, but i'm wondering what i could add more.

    Anyone have ideas?

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