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    posted a message on Can't play MC on Curseforge because of "A JavaScript error occurred in the main process"

    So I haven't played for a couple of months and wanted to play again, but when I open curseforge it gives me this error and I can't load any worlds. I did think of exporting the world and opening it in a different launcher but curseforge was being really slow and wouldn't load the mod profile. 


    I really don't know what else to try except maybe updating my mac os version since it always says version not supported but it was fine before, so not sure if that's the problem. Below is the error message. 


    Uncaught Exception:

    SyntaxError: Unexpected token , in JSON at position 209518

        at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)

        at e.onMessage (/Applications/CurseForge.app/Contents/Resources/app/dist/background/background.js:8:852652)

        at e.onMessage (/Applications/CurseForge.app/Contents/Resources/app/dist/background/background.js:8:832588)

        at T.i (/Applications/CurseForge.app/Contents/Resources/app/dist/background/background.js:8:1009542)

        at T.emit (node:events:394:28)

        at e.exports.V (/Applications/CurseForge.app/Contents/Resources/app/dist/background/background.js:8:1045090)

        at e.exports.emit (node:events:394:28)

        at e.exports.dataMessage (/Applications/CurseForge.app/Contents/Resources/app/dist/background/background.js:8:1023820)

        at /Applications/CurseForge.app/Contents/Resources/app/dist/background/background.js:8:1023322

        at /Applications/CurseForge.app/Contents/Resources/app/dist/background/background.js:8:1016649

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