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    So far, (for those that play in 1.7.10), both Vic's Modern Warfare and Optifine E7 do have that problem with the Black Screen upon aiming, and the White Boxes on the items. After playing with the options in Optifine, I found that Fast Render being ON was the cause of the problems, (makes sense since Shaders are also incompatible with Fast Render). But anyways, after switching that option off, the Black Screen on aiming problem should be fixed immeadeitly (if not then just restart the game, then you should be good to go). But the White Box problem for me did not go away until after switching off Fast Render, then restarting the game (no need to do this if it already works immeadeitly for you). With that, was able to use both Optifine and Vic's Modern Warefare combined, and I got to say they do go good together. Hope this may help those who are having trouble. Take care everybody, and Happy Holidays!

     now that was extremely helpful!!!!

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