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    What is ChillzMC
    ChillzMC is an intricate and custom LifeSteal SMP style gamemode server,
    with custom currencies, and interesting ways to use them

    The lands have no name, but bear great value, so much so, people fight for it. Resources are scarce and sometimes may be worth a Life… Or Two..
    Join an unknown land where the grind is real, and the rewards are great.
    We are simple, yet high in quality and fun.

    Mission Statement
    ChillzMc's mission is to provide quality gameplay, without pay to win tactics, and encourage a chill and smooth community.
    We will accomplish our mission by being active in our community, And consistently improving the quality of our platform.


    Some positions that we have available include : Developer, Helper/Moderator, Task Manager, Writers, Builders, Admins, Beta Testers, Designers, any more. If you are interested in creating with us, go to the discord linked below, and apply in the #app-info channel!



    Disclaimer : All positions are voluntary, unpaid. We plan on paying based on the percentage of sales post release.


    PS not sure why, but my formatted post wont publish due to spam regulations. 

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