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    Vanilla With Sprinkles SMP
    Who we are
    We are a small group of serious Minecrafters that are looking to grow our community with other players that take the game as seriously as we do. If we were to describe our objectives within Minecraft it would be somewhere in-between "Sci-Craft" and "Hermitcraft", we don't go as mad as "Sci-Craft" on projects but we would like to be able to work on big projects together, whether it be redstone, farms or building projects as a group as well as have a "Hermitcraft" based shop system.
    We have also made the game more interesting by adding a few plugins to make our lives a little easier when grinding to construct those large projects (although not too easy) we do like the grind, just not too much
    Home and Spawn
    We allow players to have 1 home and to be able to teleport to spawn (with a 5 second wait with no movement to stop abuse). We feel as if this allows the player to explore more and not have to worry so much about finding their way back from wherever they desire to go.
    We feel as if Veinminer takes the pinch off grinding for hours to be able to build anything you desire. It is enabled for ores, logs and sand as these are the items that the community voted for and we feel this has kept people interested and playing more due to less work having to be done to achieve great things (though not too much for it to be silly). We feel this is balanced as the durability of tools is taken into account too, so it is simply saving time.
    Death Chest
    We have implemented Death Chest to stop players items from falling in lava and or de-spawning if they die far away from home. This again, allows people to explore further without the worry of their items de-spawning too quickly. When you die, you will have thirty minutes to get back to where you died before the death chest de-spawns.
    What we are looking for :
    We are looking for medium to skilled players that have experience in building large projects and preferably good knowledge of redstone or good at building in general
    You will need to be able to dedicate 3-4 hours a week to the server
    Be 18 or older (exceptions can be made within the interview)
    Not be toxic and be accepting of all types of people

    Apply here



    Add me on discord if you have any questions - Wynx#0001

    What we do


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