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    Me and my friend both had this problem. Where we would try and launch a modpack, in my case I think it was ATM6. And I would immediately get an Exit Code: 0 crash. I tried many different solutions, and many didn't solve the problem. I'm not sure if it would apply to you, but the fix that me and my friend did is uninstall both the twitch app and minecraft. Delete all files related to minecraft, and the twitch app. So the .minecraft folder in %appdata%, the twitch folder in C:/users/(profile)/twitch. Rummage around to make sure that everything is gone, and theres nothing hiding around corners, so check both drives. Then re-download the base version of minecraft, and launch a singleplayer world on the version which the modpack is on. For examkple if you are trying to launch ATM6 on 1.16.3, launch an instance of the base game of minecraft in 1.16.3. Then install the twitch app, and run a separate instance of 1.16.3 (vanilla) through the twitch app. Then you can redownload the ATM6 modpack from the twitch app, and then it worked for both of us. I'll make a directional list format so it may be easier to understand. I also have no idea why Project Ozone 3 works fine.
    (If you have any specific singleplayer worlds that you want to keep now would be a good time to save them to a different directory)
    - Uninstall minecraft and the twitch app
    - Navigate through your drives and delete all folders related to these processes at the source.

           - %appdata%/.minecraft
           - C:/users/(profile)/twitch
    - When you are pretty certain that all files are gone, go to minecraft.net and redownload the base game of minecraft

           - Run a 1.16.3 instance of minecraft, and create a singleplayer world and spawn in.
    - Download the twitch desktop app.

           - Run another instance of 1.16.3 from the twitch app. Create a singleplayer world and spawn in.

    - Download the ATM6, or whatever modpack you are planning on using.
           - If you plan on playing Valhelsia 2 (which is 1.15.2 i think?) launch 1.15.2 instances on both the original minecraft game and the twitch launcher before launching the modpack.

    - It should work!

    Again, there may be other variables that are different for you and some that my friend and I didn't run into, it may be a lot of work but it is worth to get it working. Sorry if it doesn't.

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    The server that I created using the pre-made server pack for Craft to Exile [Harmony] modpack 1.2.2b (Minecraft 1.16.2) - crashes periodically resulting in me just restarting the server. And it happens every 40 minutes ish. On the server, its 4 people in total, and it runs perfectly fine. No lag spikes, fps or ping, and there aren't any server lagging messages that come up when the server is running. This modpack runs on fabric, not forge, not sure if that impacts anything. I feel like it's an easy fix, since theres no performance issues. Here is the latest crash report https://pastebin.pl/view/529b76c0

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