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    Alright guys so I'm gonna be launching a Vanilla Minecraft SMP Server soon, as the title suggests.

    I would very much like to have fun but mature people playing on it, so here are the details.


    Server Specifics


    12 Slots

    1GB RAM

    No Datapacks or Plugins (Honor System)

    Might do a 1.15 snapshot (not sure yet)




    You are 16 and older

    No griefing

    Be respectful and don't talk badly to others.

    Keep profanity to a minimum (Basically just don't be toxic)

    Don't post NSFW content to the discord

    I will personally be reviewing applications

    I'll have a separate set of rules for when you're on the server


    So basically, just act like a normal person and we're good.




    Here is the discord link: https://discord.gg/9fMGa8Z


    You should be sent to a general text chat if I'm doing this thing right.

    Go to the "applications" channel.

    Tell me about yourself. What do you like? Are you in school?

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?

    My personal friends and I like first person shooters, so I will have channels open for discussion in regards to other games.

    Any info you'd like to share, I'd like to read. (Make me want to play with you)


    State your age and gender. You can share your real name if you like.



    Once I've looked over your application, I'll decide whether or not I want to whitelist you.

    Should you be whitelisted, you will be given the "Newbie" rank on discord, allowing you to use the other channels.


    I look forward to meeting some of you!

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