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    This what you can find inside of the ItemBucketMilk class:


    public ItemStack onItemUseFinish(ItemStack stack, World worldIn, EntityLivingBase entityLiving)
    if (!worldIn.isRemote) entityLiving.curePotionEffects(stack); // FORGE - move up so stack.shrink does not turn stack into air
    if (entityLiving instanceof EntityPlayerMP)
    EntityPlayerMP entityplayermp = (EntityPlayerMP)entityLiving;
    CriteriaTriggers.CONSUME_ITEM.trigger(entityplayermp, stack);

    if (entityLiving instanceof EntityPlayer && !((EntityPlayer)entityLiving).capabilities.isCreativeMode)

    return stack.isEmpty() ? new ItemStack(Items.BUCKET) : stack;


    The actual removal of all potion effects is done in this line:


    if (!worldIn.isRemote) entityLiving.curePotionEffects(stack);


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    posted a message on Need help with creating server for SkyFactory 4.

    So first of all, the server will only be accessible in the network you run it in (=at your home) unless you use something like hamachi or run the server on a rootserver / vps.



    • Download the server files for SkyFactory 4 Server and unzip the file
    • Run Install.bat and wait for it to finish
    • Run ServerStart.bat and wait for it to close
    • Open the eula.txt and set eula=false to eula=true (you agree to the Minecraft EULA by doing this)
    • Now you can run the server by running ServerStart.bat

    You can now join the server over the IP of the computer it is running on.

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    posted a message on Minecraft modpack server 1.7.10 error

    Which mods do u have in the mod folder? Im asking because someone had the same issue which was caused by accidentally putting forge into the mod folder.

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