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    posted a message on ODA Revolution The beginnings of a network! {3-4 staff positions available}


    Hey everyone Im still looking for 3-4 more staff member to give us a hand before we launch closed beta. This will also give you a chance to learn about the server. so join the discord ill be doing interviews all day!
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    posted a message on ODA Revolution The beginnings of a network! {3-4 staff positions available}


    ODA Revolution​


      Hello everyone My name is MasterMind and I want to thank you for checking this project out! This server/network of mine has been in development for 5 years now and I'm finally in a spot where I can get it done and running. ODAR (Oda Revolution) is a military themed zombie apocalypse adventure survival server that is built to be one of the hardest and most challenging servers in the minecraft universe! With hoards of zombies, leveling systems, intense PVP and hopefully hundreds of Questing options down the road! 

      To kick this off for everyone I'm in desperate need of builders and creative people to help me finish construction of 2 out of 6 major cities in the map. World edit being available to some who prove themselves to be trust worthy and understand how world edit works. I'm going to say EVERYONE starts at the bottom here and you work your way up! Its equal opportunity for everyone. Lets be fair I don't know you, you don't know me so i need to figure you out before I hand over a ton of permissions, If you don't like this system just don't respond.Anyone who helps will have a guaranteed Staff position when the server goes live if you choose.

      To top all that off as it says in the title of this post it is the beginning of a network! ODA Revolution will be the flagship server for launch, but as of right now I have 6 total servers standing by. These server range from a COD server with customization for weapons, loadouts, killsteaks etc... to Quake kitpvp, CTF, Prison Servers, minigames and much much more! Only the best of the staff in ODA will be looked at for the network staff positions but that could include designing your own server for the network.

    We at ODA believe in work shown, if you prove yourself and work hard with us the further you will go, and the more people you will be in charge of.  

      Like I said at the start I'm looking for people who are trust worthy and want to make minecraft the best it can be. I have been playing since early 2009 when the game launched and I've been building servers and networks ever since. Shouldn't have to be said but I know how to protect my work and griefing just doesn't work with me so if that's what you want to do go somewhere else. Feel free to PM me here or join our website ( ) to get in contact about working with me you can also join my discord for the server and send me a Private message with and application there!

    We do not need any build teams, devs, etc. <16 preferred and MUST HAVE A MICROPHONE.

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