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    posted a message on GamaPixel Pixelmon Reforged 7.2.2 minecraft 12.2.2 Pixelmon Server Recruiting ALL STAFF RANKS!!
    Recruiting ALL STAFF RANKS!! For GamaPixel Pixelmon Reforged 7.2.2 Minecraft Version 12.2.2, Be sure to add my Discord  poz#3808 Fill out and message me with the Application template below or leave it as a comment on this thread.  GamaPixel is RECRUITING! for ALL STAFF RANKS! Must Have Pixelmon Knowledge need mods, buildersadmins and someone who has decent plugin knowledge and can help me with plugins



    Be Sure to use the Application Template below and post it as a comment on the thread or add me and message it to me on discord Thank you.



    - Minimum 15 years old.
    - Proper English Grammar.
    - Be able to speak English.
    - Required a Microphone.
    - Must have Discord
    - Loyal and Active

    Staff Recruitment Application Template

    IGN (In Game Name) :  


    What position are you aiming for?:   


    Previous experience?:  


    Why do you want to be apart of Staff?:

    How are you able to contribute and support the server?:

    How many hours per day can you contribute to the server?:

    Why should we choose you instead of other applicants?:

    Anything else we should know?:



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