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    posted a message on need help with my fabric mod server's textures glitching.

    Im hosting a server with me and my buddies and we decided to play some 1.16.5 fabric mods. We found a bunch of mods to play and put them on the server and everyone else put them in their mods folders, but when we play, the texture are very glitched. Most textures are fine but some are very broken. Lily pads will show as corner stone brick stairs and kelp will show as glazed terracotta. But its not just the textures. I can stand on kelp and wont be able to swim through it, but i can break it with one punch and it still drops kelp. Another major glitch is that in any hole in the ground (water/lava pool or cave entrances) have every air block in them replaced with floating dead coral fans. We've tried resetting the world, new seeds, all of it. Now normally id just assume its one of the mods, but we've all tried to play the mods in our own singleplayer worlds and it works just fine with no issues. Anyone have an idea on how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

    heres the mod folder:

    timber mod
    chest cavity
    cloth config-4.11.19

    crimson moon
    fabric api
    glimmering potions
    netherite plus
    seamless loading screen

    slime sling
    trap expansion

    vanilla death chest

    wolves with armor


    exp storage

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