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    About SkyHQ
    SkyHQ is a Skyblock server that has many features such as Island Upgrades, Minions, Crates, Marriage and a lot more! The server is going to be focused on providing a great community experience. We plan to release the server sometime early October and would like to have staff who can help us. Most of the server is complete, hence why we're recruiting for staff at this point.

    Available Positions

    • 2/5 Helper roles taken.
    • 3/3 Moderator roles taken.
    • 1/2 Senior Moderator Roles taken
    • 2/3 Administrator roles taken

    If you want to apply for a specific role from the above list, please enter it in the form.

    How do I apply?
    To apply, please join our Discord server here and then look at the #apply channel for information on how to apply.
    Once you have applied, our manager Graham will look over them and respond ASAP.


    Please reply below after you have applied! This will help us respond quicker.

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