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    posted a message on Why does the Dynamic Trees and Better Foliage mods not work anymore?

    I'm working on a modded smp, so I've been downloading mods through aternos. It's been through many changes and I've had to get rid of some mods because they just didn't work out for the ideas I was going for. The most recent mods I've installed are Dynamic Trees, Better Foliage, Farmer's Delight, Simply Tea, Farmer's Tea (though I might get rid of this too) Spiders 2.0 (this one too), and Falling Leaves. The mods I had to get rid of are Straw Golem and all four of the pam's harvestcraft mods. After switching them out there were many crash reports and weird occurrences to the point when i just gave up when the only mods that weren't working were the Better Foliage and Dynamic Trees mods.


    TLDR: I switch out many mods for my smp server, now two of them don't work anymore.

    Edit: I figured out a couple things, and I got rid of Dynamic trees, farmer's tea, and spiders 2.0
    but crash report keep coming in about Better Foliage and I have no idea why
    Does someone know why this could be happening?

    Edit 2: Figured it out! Better foliage is client only, and I just didnt read through it all lol.
    I'll leave this up for those who somehow had the same problems as me, but now I can help my buddies get the mods too!

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