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    Something for those having the issue where you hit play on the app and it loads / nothing happens at all try this: (from the Curseforge discord)
    Windows: Make sure all minecraft instances are closed, open task manager and end any minecrafts open. 
    Mac: Use spotlight to launch Activity Monitor - search for Minecraft - if you see any - double click them and Quit

    1. Click on the icon in the bottom left of Curseforge.
    2. Click the Minecraft Tab.
    3. Click Change next to the Minecraft Modding Folder Option.
    4. Select the folder named Install.
    5. Delete it.
    6. Restart CurseForge App. (close and open)
    7. It will ask to install MC again, do so.
    8. Play game.

    NOTE: You will not lose any modpacks or worlds, These are saved in the Instances folder. DO NOT TOUCH THIS FOLDER OR YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING

    Note2: If it doesn't seem to work the first time, on step #6 reboot your pc. Sometimes doesn't stick when you close the curse app and open it again. 

    If you have any other issues can try asking on the discord as well. 

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