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    As of today, both my own and my friends player data on our private dedicated server (running forge and 43 mods) has been deleted 4 times for each of us. Meaning that : our inventories are reset, our achievements are reset, our spawns are reset back to the world spawn, and it's overall just a pain to deal with as most of our mods are long progression based mods that are difficult to work with when progression is reset a lot. The server has 14G of RAM dedicated to it, and runs fine other than the occasional lag spike. Below is the list of mods that the server is running! Funnily enough, our waypoints are NOT reset, however one specific time my nether portal was deleted as well; as in the blocks were gone but the lava around it remained.


    Any input or insight into this would be greatly appreciated. Even if it's not about the mods, but just about what MAY be causing it. Thanks for your time.

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