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    I don't know if there is a way to do it, but it would be nice if mods can be filtered only for forge, in the same way that it is done with the fabric tag.


    It is very annoying to look for mods and that a lot of mods appear that are not going to work.

    The main thing on the page is forge mods, fabric only has 10% of mods and it has a tab.

    I know that the modloader can be selected from "game version" but that way I can no longer select the version, it would not be very pleasant if mods from 1.7 appear


    I think the best thing is to make a tab in the same way that fabric has or that multiple things can be selected in "game version" (that would also make it more useful)

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    No offense but this is bullshit... it marked me as spam just for answering two messages very quickly, two different responses to two different people who spoke to me, what do I have to do? have a timer to respond?

    I also happened to edit a message (an error I had when writing nothing else)

    Edit: They re-flagged a comment as spam ... for no reason. I made a normal comment and more than 2 hours later I made another, and that second comment was marked as spam, wtf

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