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    posted a message on 2b2k Minecraft Survival Just a pure vanilla Minecraft server with the goal to never reset the world just like 2b2t.

    Minecraft Survival 1.20.2 lastest update


    Pure vanilla Minecraft server! Perfect for playing with friends. No resets

    - We are small and hoping to grow 📈
    - We will never shut down! EVER! 🚀
    - No clutter, in-your-face elements 🔥
    - 🗣️Bedrock and Java Players can join so anybody can join this world. 🗣️

    - 🤽No weird mods, no staff team to be jerks, just be yourself and build and pvp! 🤽
    - ❌Full-Size map! ❌

    - 💣No anti-grief plugin 💣

    - 🤠Pure Survival tailored for TEAM gameplay! 🤠
    - 🎉TPAHERE and SETHOME to make team play more accessible 🎉
    - 🛡️No rules except don't hack🛡️
    - 🐇The map is very very new so hop on the early train and beat the enderdragon.🐇
    - 🌚All normal gameplay styles are met, such as nether roof building! 🌚
    - 🌍Playing now and suggesting changes will have a huge impact on the server's future directions!🌍
    And yes we are trying to have a alternate than 2b2t. Just come in and play.
    If you think this is fitting Join us!
    ⚡⚡IP: 2b2k.apexmc.co Port:19132⚡⚡
    So if your on windows 10/11, go to servers, scroll all the way down, click add servers, then add the name 2b2k, server ip, then the server port. If your on JAVA, just go put in the ip its not that hard cmon now.
    💖Thank you all for visiting and giving our simple server a chance, now go on and kill people and raid bases and get a team together.💖

    I want to clarify that its on the latest mc update 1.20.2

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