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    So I and some friends of me decided to make our own modded server, running on 1.12.

    Our modpack has a lot of mods but the server should easily be able to handle them.


    The only thing I'm worried about this is, that there might be some mods in the list wich could cause some bugs but I'm not sure wich of them exactly.

    We testet most of the mods, I ran almost all of them on my pc and they seemed to work but we recently added some others to the list and removed some, so I'm not sure if they will still work together.


    What I'm asking you guys is:

    Are there some mods in the list wich you definitely know will not work together?

    And more importantly, do you know wich of the mods are known to cause some bugs (or even crash the game when you do something specific)?



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