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    Just wondering if anybody else has run into this and figured out a workaround. Did some digging online and wasn't really coming up with anything relevant- We're running a curseforge pack on 1.16.4, with an assortment of mods up to that version. A bunch of the modules for the powersuits aren't working though, such as the glider, jetboots, absorption boots, aqua affinity, etc. By "not working" I mean that I can craft the components of them (for example, glider wings) but not actually install the item on the power suit. Additionally, these modules cannot have their recipes looked up in the "too many items" menu, but the items themselves show up- just without the ability to view the recipes related to them. This is for about 1/3rd of the modules available, which is frustrating. A couple of people have theorized that it has to do with the version we're running (older than the powersuit mod is made for). 

    Has anybody ever encountered this, and do you know a way to fix it? 

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