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    Hello and welcome fellow botanists!


    I have created a world for you to play in devoid of those boring generators and reactors! The only way to truly have power is through the raw energy of mana! What amazing creations will you come up with to keep your dimlets charged and draconic energy cores full?


    This is a mod pack that as the little blurb above says, challenges you to generate RF without any traditional ways to do so. Sporting Botania at its center this pack is bolstered with a few classic favorites like Draconic Evolution, Steves Carts, and Mystical Agriculture. Build your world in a challenging environment that will test your skills at generating and automating mana without the help of handy pipes that automatically route and round robin everything. Every so often I will be holding a poll to add a new mod in based on how people react to the current build. Right now I like it as it is.


    Here's the link to the curse page.

    Though a simple search through the curse client will get you quickly to it.



    Thanks to anyone that does play this! I look forward to any feedback you lovely people may have and any suggestions you have for the future.


    Remember, flaunt those complicated and fun to look at builds!

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