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    posted a message on MrCrayfish furniture mod. (1.12.2) How to change Minebay's items in the computer

    Like in the title.


                      I need to change the items in Minebay from the computer for useful stuff like dyes, other potions, modded items                    (if possible) and etc.



                       If anyone knows how to change it, please tell me or show me a tutorial on how to change it, me and my friends                       need to have dyes and we have none in our survival.



    Here is the link to Mrcrayfish's furniture mod:

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    posted a message on "A fatal error has occurred, this connection is terminated."

    Help I donnot know how to fix it

    Mods used (1.7.10)

    Animal Bikes

    Animated Player Mod




    Dragon Mounts

    Dungeon Mobs

    Dungeon Pack

    Dynamic Lights

    Enchanting Plus

    Familiars API




    Hat Mod


    Infernal Mobs

    Iron Chests

    Lucky Block

    MSM Snap (More Sword)

    Mutant Creatures

    Ore Spawn

    Rival Rebels

    Rotten Flesh to Leather


    Tele Pads


    Twilight Forest


    B0bgarys Growable Ores

    Mine Blade Battle Gear 2


    Please Help whenever I make a new world or play a made world all it says is "A fatal error has occurred, this connection is terminated."


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