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    I use to play MC with mods all the time from curse forge. I lost interest and stopped playing. That was months ago and I'm now trying to play with mods again but it just won't work. Every time I press play on a modpack (i.e. Better minecraft) it closes the MC launcher (if open) and then it says "Failed to launch mod pack (Then the modpack number or something) b056a14a-ffd7-4f65-b2de-c8d38459a241." I've tried everything. Wiping my computer, reinstalling minecraft, minecraft launcher, java, curseforge, the modpacks, I've tried putting the mods in their own mod folder, making sure it's the same version of minecraft that the mods are. I've tried everything. I've even attempted some of the problem fixes above but nothing seems to work. Has anybody ran into this problem before I just don't know what to do.

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