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    Did you try allocating more ram within the installation's options? Try going into your forge profile on the Minecraft launcher, press the "..." then "Edit," press "MORE OPTIONS," and finally change "-Xmx2G" to "-Xmx4G" under "JVM ARGUMENTS." If that doesn't work, try just looking up "how to allocate more ram to Minecraft." Here's one I found that may help with your situation: https://www.wikihow.com/Allocate-More-RAM-to-Minecraft

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    In reply to Forge_User_78536012:

     Probeer te vragen in het Engels met vertaling

    Misschien geeft hij je het

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    If you don't want to wait, your best bet is to entirely create a new modpack page but just copy and paste everything from the experimental-tagged one over to the new one. But seeing how long ago you posted this, it's probably been approved by now (so this is a tip for anyone else waiting for approval)

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    From here, navigate to beta versions 2.7, 2.6.3 (in my opinion, most stable of the three), and 2.5 to find the Server Pack downloads. Beta v2.7.1 has yet to come out with a Server Pack version. Tell your friend to delete what he has now and start from scratch, then doing the following above and following the How to set up a server instructions on the modpack's curseforge page.

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    Try downloading RLCraft from here: https://www.technicpack.net/dashboard (search for RLCraft)

    or try downloading an earlier version (from technic or twitch) of it, like from when it first got updated (before the streak of updates but after the long period of silence) RLCraft is getting buggier and buggier after every update the more the author screws with it trying to personalize every aspect.

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