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    Naruto: The Next Generations Roleplay! A Minecraft Naruto Roleplay server that is going to allow you to create your own Naruto Character. If you want to be evil, you can be evil and be a villain. If you want to be a good guy, you can be a good guy. The choice is yours. The story will take place in The Boruto Era. The server is white-listed to prevent people from ruining the experience for all those who want to role play. First of, you will be making an application that I will judge to determine whether or not you will be on the server. This a roleplay that takes place years after Naruto Shippuden. This roleplay that will allow you and others to develop your characters, and the story . You may pick any rank within the ninja system, or you could also be a rogue, villain and be in any groups like The Akatsuki or form your own! Anyways, If you want to participate you'll have to make a character submission to be part of the roleplay. Hope to see you there!

    Discord Server:https://discord.gg/qkvWyKE

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