Teagan Presents: A Dwarf's Tale (Squad Network)

You stumble into a stone hall that apparently used to be inhabited. You find a notebook written by the dwarf who used to live here. Seems to be a record of his experiences. You decide to learn and recreate his mechanisms.


Dwarven Magi-Tech


This pack begins and ends in a cave system compliments of the Cavern mod. The overworld, nether, and end are disabled but there are recipes for the items you could get from those dimensions.


This pack leads you through understanding the Embers and Crossroads mods via a quest book. Both mods are magi-tech with fun and possibly op items for the player to use. Crossroads becomes very technical the further along you progress. It challenges the player to problem solve to earn automation.


This pack is in late alpha stage and most quests are included. Please report any issues using the tracker.





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