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    Apr 12, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


  • Shoggoth Biomass no longer randomly spawn Lesser Shoggoths client-side
  • Added some text (with pictures) to better explain the transfer range of Statues to nearby Collectors
  • Shoggoth Biomass blocks don't spawn any Lesser Shoggoths unless a player is within 32 blocks of it
  • Lesser Shoggoths can now secrete acid as a means of defending themselves (or a ranged attack) which can destroy blocks in their path
  • Lesser Shoggoths can now consume any item they run into, which is also configurable
  • Lesser Shoggoths now have a chance to locate a nearby statue and chant by it
  • Increased the hitbox size of Lesser Shoggoths (and reduced their hit range)
  • Removed the disruption that converts the surrounding chunk into Darklands (better leave the fate of their world to the player)
  • The Dread Plague Antidote now requires a Dreadlands Sapling instead of Omothol Ghoul Flesh
  • Fixed a few minor derps in some of the segments of the Remnant leg tentacles
  • Child Lesser Shoggoths now have half the health and attack damage of an adult one
  • The Temple of J'zahar has been revamped
  • Greater Dread Spawns will now deal damage with their Dread Slugs again
  • Rituals Pedestals now project bits of their placed object rather than smoke during rituals
  • Rituals that require sacrifices now requires the player performing the ritual to sacrifice the animal, rather than it being killed automatically
  • The Wooden Crate now supports capabilities for insertion and extraction
  • Fixed the secondary death message for shadow damage
  • Added a ritual to purge the Dreadlands (while also rendering the area uninhabitable)
  • Added Calcified Stone (what everything turns into when the purging ritual has been used)

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