Advanced/Extended Creative Mode

The tabs : (Can change with version)

depleted, please use ATEHUD instead (1.8.9)


Unreal Items :

Ureal Items tabUnreal items tab 2

In this tab you will find the items or the blocks ungivable with the normal creative mode, commandblock, barrier, ... You will also find a book with clickable option (uncompatible with spigot server) like /spawn /home /plot home. and a commandblock with a command inside (Only in singleplayer)

At the bottom we have "Cheat" items with all the enchantment at the level 127 and some fireworks to try



Heads (Can lag due to download textures)

Heads tab

Here we have in the 1st line the heads of me and my friend (Your head is the 7th because if you download my mod you're a friend :) )

at the 2nd line the MHF head (see the wiki for more information)

and after the head of Youtubers or Developers (French youtubers because I'm french :p)


Custom Item

Custom item tab

At this moment you will not found this tab useful, but in the second part I will show you why it's the best ;)

The Menu : (Can change with version)

Access to the menu with N (can be modify in the Controls menu)

The menu



Potion editor - Make your own potion, with effect, name


Potion editor menu

With the visual configuration : 

Visual Configuration



Fireworks editor : Make your own fireworks with a maximum of 7 explosions


Fireworks Factory

Configure name, flight duration, explosions

Explosion menu

Change trail, twinkle, the type, colors and fadecolors

Color selector



Item editor : Create your item with Name, Lore, Enchantments, Attribute


Item Editor

Enter the name you want, the item name (Find item name with F3+H) and the meta (the 0 at the right)

Lore / Description :

Lore menu

Attributes :

Attributes menu

Enchantments : (Color is my ressourcespack)

Enchantments menu


And when you give-it ... :

Item Gived

Yep the attributes are strange in 1.9 ...


Heads : Give the head of your friend :)

Head menu

The myhead button will enter your name


Inhand Item / Giver : get the nbt information of the item in your hand or give an item with there information

Giver menu

This menu can be also open with the Y key (can be modify in the controls)


In all there menu you can see a button give and a button add, it's very simple

Add : Add the item in the custom items tab

Give : Give-it in your inventory (You must be in creative mode)


/gm0-1 : Send /gamemode 0-1 in your chat to change your gamemode

Config : Yep, the config what did you expect ?


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