Data pack/Datapack: Advanced Multiplayer Sleeping

Many Minecraft servers have a problem: it's a night pass. Someone at the moment is AFK, and another needs a day, but he can not miss the night, because it's necessary that all online players sleep. Familiar? Is not it? Well, consider this problem already solved! Welcome to this page!

This data pack will add to the game the ability to skip the night, if for example sleeping only 1 player, or for example only if sleeping 50% of the server online (this can be edited in the configuration of a data pack), well as the ability to distinguish players from AFK players.

What does this data pack do, — you ask. It's simple — this data pack:
Better Weather Control.
Easy config.

Phantoms Control.


How to delete a data pack? Write the command «/function mult_sleep:uninstall», then write another command: «/datapack disable <data pack file name>».

How to install a data pack? It's simple — upload the zip-archive to the «datapacks» folder of your world then write «/reload» command.

How to use a data pack? Just write the command «/function mult_sleep:config».

One more thing! For us, English is not our native language, so please forgive us for the mistakes. Please send them in your comments, thank you.


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