Advanced Solar Panels

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This requires an IC2 version of at least 2.8.74, note the release version of IC2 is 2.8.73, you'll want the beta.

About this mod:
Name: Advanced Solar Panels
Version: 4.2.0

There are 2 sets of recipes: "Normal" and "Hard" (which can be changed in the config file)!

Advanced Solar Panel
Generate: 8 EU day, 1 EU night and rainy days.
Internal storage: 32 000 EU
Output: 32 EU
Charge slots: 4 (you can charge 4 electric things simultaneously)
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Hybrid Solar Panel
Generate: 64 EU day, 8 EU night and rainy days.
Internal storage: 100 000 EU
Output: 128 EU
Charge slots: 4 (you can charge 4 electric things simultaneously)
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Ultimate Hybrid Solar Panel
Generate: 512 EU day, 64 EU night and rainy days.
Internal storage: 1 000 000 EU
Output: 512 EU
Charge slots: 4 (you can charge 4 electric things simultaneously)

After many years of researches in the field of quantum physics our scientists have opened new properties of iridium. In a combination with the Sunnarium efficiency of transformation of solar energy, the resulting energy harvesting is increased 8 times!!! Using this new hybrid material we present our new model of the solar panel, with An energy output in day - 512 EU, at night and rainy days 64 EU!!!
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Quantum Solar Panel
Generate: 4096 EU day, 2048 EU night and rainy days.
Internal storage: 10 000 000 EU
Output: 8192 EU
Charge slots: 4 (you can charge 4 electric device simultaneously)

After long years of researching quantum matter we have reached unknown heights in quantum physics. And as a result we can now offer our most perfect solar panel! With the new quantum core, we were able to improve the generation of energy in the dark by 4 times! An energy output in day - 4 096 EU, at night and rainy days 2048 EU!!!
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Note that this addon is absolutely configurable! You can change all values (generation at daytime and night time, storage, etc.) in config file. If you think that some panels is overpowered, you can disable craft recipe in config file.

Screenshot of Advanced Solar Panels GUI:

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Quantum Generator
This is top tier technology of Quantum physics ! We are receive this gift from alien civilization. After many years of reverse engineering we could not find way to reproduce this technology.
This top generator was created for map makers and server admins who need an infinite customizable power source (as it's got no crafting recipe)! Yeah guys, is it's fully customizable! 8o You can change energy output and tier (for use with different cables) in GUI.

For example: we need make energy output 5120 EU and transfer it through some Glass Fibre Cables, but they can only accept 512 EU/t. We need to set the Quantum Generator output to 5120 EU/t and set the tier to 3. Now the Quantum generator will emit 10 packets each of 512 EU per tick. You could even transfer this EU through tin cables if you set the tier to 1 8) You can disable all generation through Redstone signal.
Also if you press "Left Shift" and click on buttons all values = x5;

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Quantum generator GUI

TODO: Update

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Solar Helmets
-> Can charge all electric items in the wearer's inventory or just their armour. (By default only armour, but can be changed easily in the config)
-> Advanced Solar Helmet, based at nano helmet  (generating the same as an Advanced Solar Panel)
-> Hybrid Solar Helmet, based at quantum helmet (generating the same as a Hybrid Solar Panel)
-> Ultimate Solar Helmet, based at quantum helmet (generating the same as an Ultimate Hybrid Solar Panel)
-> The helmets only have 2 features of the quantum helmet - underwater supply and the HUD. Other abilities cannot be used because the solar panel replaced them.
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Bonus recipe DoubleSlab for more convenience of construction:
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Note that technically it's not vanilla as of 1.8 it doesn't have a slab form, so I'm really too nice.


All made using the new ITeBlock and XML GUI system if any budding addon devs want a fairly simple example, each version has a dev copy attached.


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