Advanced Systems Manager

This is a ground-up rewrite of VSWE's Steve's Factory Manager with a heavier emphasis on flexible and optimized design and operation and rolling in all the changes from Steve's Addons and more


It is very WIP but under active development - a few new sets of command are in development as well as a complete gui rewrite away from the SFM style it has now


Features in development or on the list:

  1. GUI rewrite - I aim for it to be much more intuitive and akin to an actual piece of software - right click something to get a menu of options to do with stuff, open multiple tabs and be able to move between them easily, scroll and zoom in the manager window, open a window to edit a command rather than have the little on screen expansion etc
  2. Adding missing conditions for eg. RF and Aspects
  3. Mekanism gas handling
  4. Electricraft energy transfer
  5. Comparator condition
  6. Re-adding the last couple of SFM commands (eg Autocrafting)
  7. Improved config with the ability to turn things off
  8. More and better recipes
  9. ComputerCraft/OpenComputer cable block and command
  10. Improved variable handling
  11. In-game Help fuctionality


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