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Minecraft Forge XRay mod


  • Build on Forge!
  • Simple and Clean UI For Adding, Deleting and Editing the blocks you want to see
    • RGB Based color selector for full colour range
    • Simple UI to add new blocks from a Searchable List layout
    • Easy Editing and Deleting of blocks
  • Ore Dictionary Support

How to use:

Open settings -> controls and edit the button to open the GUI and the button to toggle the Overlay on and off. Then press your key to open the GUI to edit the ores on the list. Then press your key to turn on the Overlay


The Imgur Album XRAY


Minecraft Version Mod Version Forge Version Branch Author
1.12.2 1.4.0 /master Michael Hillcox
1.12.1 1.3.4 /1.12.1 Michael Hillcox
1.12 1.3.3 /1.12.x Michael Hillcox
1.11.2 1.3.3 limited support /1.11.x Michael Hillcox
1.10.2 1.3.1 limited support /1.10.x Michael Hillcox
1.9.4 1.0.9 - Discontinued /1.9.4 BondarenkoArtur & Michael Hillcox
1.8.9 1.1.0 - Discontinued /1.8.x Michael Hillcox With help fromBondarenkoArtur
1.7.10 - Discontinued /1.7.10 mcd1992 (mcd1992 / GitLab) & Michael Hillcox
1.6.4 1.0.0 - Discontinued /1.6.4 mcd1992 (mcd1992 / GitLab)
  • Discontinued
    • This means the mod will no longer be supported unless a very large bug is reported.
  • Limited support
    • This means the mod will only receive bug fixes when ones are listed. I will no longer be back porting feature changes unless I get bored

A big thanks CJB for his rendering system.


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