After The Cataclysm

You awaken in the sleep chamber inside your city-dome... The last survivor of your forgotten race on this planet. The world outside the domes still hostile, full of the undead, alien bugs, exploding plant creatures, extra-dimensional creatures, and the roaming bands of bandits and paramilitary units patrolling the wastes all guarding access to other resources. The only water on the planet that is not poisoned or polluted is rare inside the domes. You were an engineer for your city-dome, with the technical expertise to be able to create computer storage systems, machines, weapons, and even the needed technology to finally leave this planet and search out other survivors or a new planet that has an abundance of resources. This is now your life...


After The Cataclysm.


This pack is a survival challenge, utilizing both world gen and gating within mods to up the challenge of surviving. Stay in the starting dome and run out of resources slowly, or venture out into the world and face increasingly difficult mobs? The choice is yours. The ultimate goal is to get off planet and find a planet that has water, air, and abundant resources.


Pack artwork created by Saphrym (


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