Age of Bewitchment

Just to be clear, the name is a coincidence and it has nothing to do with "Age of Engineering".


"Age of Bewitchment" is a modpack based around magic, as the name suggests. The mods which are included in this pack provide a more interesting world generation with customized structures, aesthetic enhancement, an enchanted main menu, tweaked recipes, some new research tabs for thaumcraft which slows down the progression by hiding recipes for other mods behind research, more bibliocraft paintings, a new hat (for the hats mod) and short guides for those who are inexperienced with (magic) mods but don't worry, they won't spoil anything.


For a better experience, install OptiFine.



If you have discord, just join the official discord server which is the place to discuss about this modpack, report any problems that you might have encountered during your playtime, suggest recipe changes, report mistakes in the writing, look for servers or just tell me what you think about the pack in general.



In case you are experiencing low FPS, disable some (or even all) of the following cosmetic mods.

  • Dynamic Surroundings
  • Better Foliage
  • Sound Filters
  • Journeymap



 (Note: Every single donation will be used for the official server)


For content creators

You are allowed to make videos using this pack and monetize them but you are not allowed to put a link that leads to this pack through or other url shorteners with advertisements.


For server owners

Feel free to make a server for this modpack and let me know on discord so i can include it in the "Servers" section of the discord but remember that this pack is still relatively and problems may or may not occur. You are also not allowed to generate any personal income, this means that any money you get from the server (donations etc.) must be spent on the server (hosting for example).





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