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All the mods started out as a private pack for just a few friends of mine that turned into something others wanted to play. It has all the basics that most other "big name" packs include but with a nice mix of some of newer or lesser-known mods as well. In All the Mods 3 we will continue the tradition adding many new mods while going for more stability.  

What makes this modpack special?

What makes any modpack special?

The All The Mods team (all of us; the multitude of us that work together spanning time zones and backgrounds with one common interest and one common goal that is to dedicate our time and effort into making a modpack (and a community) that is just simply "good;" a modpack that we would want to play, a community that we would want to join) we thought we knew what mattered.

We had it all figured it. Or at least we thought we did.

We have edited configs; really taken many long hard looks. We read them, every line. We made considerations for every mod and every config and how it would fit into the modpack as a bigger picture and we weren’t afraid to change things from everyday defaults.

We conceptualized a big picture; a modpack that we would want to play. One were things felt right, recipes made sense. Not what we were used to sometimes, but willing to break the chains of monotony and make a modpack that went Beyond just bundling a bunch of mods that sounded good on paper and calling it a day.  

We gave it style. A theme. A concept. This modpack has a “feeling” that is unique. It’s still a “kitchen sink” pack, sure but it’s unique. No other packs are like this because we gave this pack life. We cared enough to actually make it more than just a “collection of mods with our name slapped on the title.”  

We update the pack regularly. We hotfix when serious issues come up and they do come up from time to time because we are also not afraid to update to the most bleeding-edge versions and new content. Sometimes things might break but you might not even notice because we pay attention, we listen and we react to make things right as quickly as possible.   

We put custom, unique, original content into the pack. Not just custom items but intense planning and development to make endgame, creative-only recipe items that are just as rewarding as they are challenging (even for what is an overall “casual” pack). The extra content is optional too, it hasn’t been shoehorned-in making you detour from whatever you wanted to do, but it’s there for those that want a challenge, that want to really put time and effort into a quality pack that went the extra mile to make difficult-but-rewarding recipes for endgame goals.  

We listen to our community, we relate and we respond. We document changes and detail our logs as best as we can and we actively manage issues that are reported to us. We care.

We care.

This is our pack and it matters to us. It isn’t just another title to tack-on to an ever growing list of mediocre modpack offerings in an attempt to stay relevant. It’s a pack made to be enjoyed. Made to be clever and intuitive. Made to be fun.

And yet even after all that, we still had more to learn.

After all that hard work and dedication. After hundreds of thousands of downloads and tens of thousands of members in our growing community and overall sense of cohesiveness, we were still missing one crucial piece…

...You see, Other “big name” modpacks are hosted on mod/modpack distribution networks the same as us. Their exhaustively long list of mostly-unchanged offerings pervading the “featured” lists thanks to agreements and contracts established long before buyouts and mergers took place. Years ago when those modpack developers were truly relevant. "Modpack Gods among otherwise lowly peasants" (or so the history books seem to portray). Those unfortunate enough to not bear the mark of the one true supreme modpack title/badge/acronym were still honored to even have the title of “3rd party” for that alone still gave recognizance of their content being respectable enough to be considered to follow in the shadow of the giants.

It makes sense that we would have followed suit, at least in some regards. We want out pack to be great. So we look at the “top lists” on the relevant mod/modpack distribution networks and we look and the modpacks that for whatever reason (merit or obligation) are listed as “top” or “best” or “hottest” or whatever vernacular applies and we aspired to match that -- at least in perception. If they are the “best” per the ordinal ranking of results then it must be due to having deserved it, having earned that spot, right? Maybe it was earned by having great content. Maybe it was earned by good timing on signed contracts.

Whatever the reason, WE want to make this modpack just as great. We don’t have the advantage of legal dictatorship so the next best thing we can do is make a modpack that’s actually worth playing. A modpack that’s good because it was designed to be good, not because of the “name” that happens to be plastered on the logo.   

What makes ANY modpack special? What do you think? Is it attention to quality and detail, or is all that matters is if a group gets to legally say they are “official”?

When we looked at those “top” modpacks, the ones with the “official” logos and top ranks, we found modpack descriptions that were short and simple. One or two sentences giving the most basic of introductions possible. We thought “maybe that’s one reason why they’re good. Many people see those modpack ‘descriptions’ and if they’re adequate for them they must be the status-quo, right? It just makes sense and it’s better to be brief.

We were brief too.

Up until we were struck-down, without warning and with great vengeance by one of the mod/modpack distribution platforms that we chose to host this pack on. They disabled us. Took us offline. The half-a-million downloads in a matter of months didn’t matter. The dedication and attention to detail didn’t matter. Actually caring about the quality of this modpack didn’t matter. All that mattered was that our description was “too brief” and lacking to protection of antiquated legal agreements, our modpack fell.

It was then we realized. None of that matters, all that really matters is this. Here and now. Right here, this modpack description. That is what will make or break true greatness. We also learned that these mod/modpack distribution platforms that we subscribe to are no better, no less impartial than the very legal contracts that bind them as well. -- onje word of advice as we've seen that it's effective -- If you have a complaint with the mod/modpack distribution platforms then make sure to take the time to formulate your complaint targeting some content that doesn't belong to the same tired behemoths that stagnate the pool of exceptions with their own special legal or contractual privileges. Do your research. Pick on a modpack or mod that that isn't "in" with the bureaucracy if you want to get your point across.

At the end of the day.. we implore you, fellow modded minecraft player. When you are searching modpacks, you must remember that the length and length alone of the modpack descriptions are all that really matter. Even if your arbitrarily sorted list begins with 4 or 5 modpacks that all have only a couple sentences, you must look past that. Continue until you find a modpack that has done the one thing that actually matters and has written a modpack description longer than just a couple lines. Please. It’s all that matters... Or at least that's what we've been told by the networks that claim to be impartial and fair hosting our content have told us.

I think the quality and relevance of this modpack has already been made very clear, but as a final conclusion I’d like to give you this thoughtful and insightful message that really can speak to everyone. If you have heard nothing or taken nothing to heart so far please at least hear this:

If someone asks you about this modpack there is a right answer -- people ask us if this modpack -- yes all kinds of people, maybe they’re asking for wanting to know or because someone else was asking -- they ask us if this modpack is a good modpack -- but that someone else that wanted to know or didn't think they knew -- and it comes back to us. We can tell you for sure that this modpack is -- and we would know, they don’t think that we would know but oh yeah we would know -- this modpack is great. But what is “great” anyway? We get asked “why is is a great modpack” and we say “you can’t just know that you have to feel it” and they look at us and they don't know but we think they do know,  but maybe -- what if -- more like we hope anyway -- that after they go home and they shut down their computers and they’re laying in bed and thinking -- and they do do this because they tell us or it’s just obvious -- they think -- or more like “we hope” that they think that they can really feel -- and we mean FEEL -- what is a “good” modpack? I know -- I know -- you’re going to say “But All The Mods, how can you measure that?” and you’re right -- like we were there too and we think it’s right to have to ask those kinds of questions but you don’t think that questions are are questionable as they need to ask the things that matter about what is good or not good -- you know? That doesn’t matter -- it matters yes we know it does really matter but just lets go with -- you know what I mean. So we can talk -- and do people like to talk -- about the modpack. They want to know. Yes!! They ask that’s why they want to know or else why would they even be asking? But that’s obvious. This is simple and even though it is simple it is not -- the not-simple things are the most simple to not understand too. One time we saw a mod and we thought “that is a good mod” but how did we know that? We didn’t -- well I mean of course we did know actually because it was obvious! -- but we didn’t know and that’s what made it special, it was a good mod and it needed to be known that it was good. We said “this is a good mod” and people tried to ask -- people love asking questions it’s why they really shouldn’t ask so much, but they know -- but they want to know if what the know is actually known or not so they ask -- and we say “yes it is a mod but how do you know it is good?” They know -- they already know because we already told them that is was. But we didn’t. We didn’t say those word -- words people like to think mean more than they do but they don't mean more than what is meant anyway. YES! I don't know anyway -- we did say it but without saying it. The modpack. Always back with modpack. We do it and it’s a great modpack and people try to know why but they already know. They need to know! They are asking if this modpack is a good modpack but that’s not what they’re asking -- they know already because they felt it -- just like all of us feel it and we feel. They’ve heard words already but knowing is the most not easy, so -- they make questions and so that is the thing really that is special -- special like knowing and feeling. Feelings are important we all feel and that’s really I think what we’re going for here but -- and the thing thats so great but it’s not great it’s because knowing isn’t great but feeling -- feeling is what’s great. They can feel this modpack and they like it but maybe they don’t want to like it. They think but I think I should like a modpack that has something else -- and that’s crazy! They don’t realize don’t you see!? It’s so obvious but knowing and feeling the words are what questions are about -- and also the cheeze of it -- we say cheese but do you even know why? -- no and that’s why. It’s obvious! But the most important thing -- and let me tell you I have had great cheese -- but the modpack is just already  -- it’s too late they know -- knowing and questioning, it’s just great. It wouldn’t be great if it wasn’t good -- greatly good in a good way. This even -- it’s simple -- this is just why it is -- things are the way they are for reason that -- thinking about this -- because they just are. -- But don’t think about it just feel it. There’s no feeling that isn’t thought about having not been thinking of a feeling’s feel. You get it -- I mean yes it’s just -- you know -- that simple. And that’s what really has been said by us and by everyone -- but we did need to too because it wasn’t being said before -- that it’s all just that. That’s what it is. It is not the cheeze.

Does "All The Mods" really contain ALL THE MODS? No, of course not




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