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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


ATM3 v5.7

So we heard you like changelogs...



Mods Changed

  • Added OpenBlocks
  • Added Tinker I/O
  • Added Initial Inventory
  • Added DiscordSuite
  • Removed Elevator Mod (Openblocks has it)
  • Removed OpenGlider (Openblocks has it)
  • Removed Gravestones (Openblocks has it)

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  • Nature's Compass range doubled
  • Re-enabled Quantum Quarry recipes (normal packmode) -- please report performance issues (if any)
  • Crop Recollector (Industrial Foregoing's 'harvester') sludge output doubled
  • IE Cloche rates buffed when using fertilizer, but also consumes RF/t and fertilizer faster
  • Disabled IC2 machines from exploding from overvoltage (cables will still "meltdown")
  • Added crafting recipe for Elytra
  • Added informational tooltips to some items (i.e. Dragon Scale, IC2 ChunkLoader, craftable creative items)
  • Added the "all books included" Akashic Tome book to Initial Inventory (starting item)
  • Cyclic Iron/Diamond spikes now can't be crafted except for converting from the ExU2 equavilent (Normal Packmode Only)
  • Fixed intended Quantum Disk gating by gating the entire quantum crafter (Normal Packmode Only)
  • Removed extra seeds from "seed" oredict (should fix TE Insolator issues)
  • Tweaked TechReborn scrapbox loot table, make TR/IC2 scrapboxes interchangeable
  • Blacklisted Mystical Agriculture from "Plantball" duplication
  • Added more stuff to Iron Rod (stickIron) oredict
  • Buffed XNet: Controller shouldn't need RF anymore and max rates increased by 5x to 10x more than before
  • Re-added a vanilla(ish) recipe for cookies
  • Tweaked compressed block recipes to "prefer" ExU2 variants, removed conflicting recipes
  • Gave compressed logs and compressed blocks of coal proper burn times
  • Added crafting recipe for End Dragon mob dimlet (Dragon syringe still disabled)
  • Fixed/Tweaked some conflicting recipes:
    • Quark/Rustic colored planks tweaked a little more
    • Quark-specific wooden items
    • Natura-specific wooden items
    • Botania petal blocks vs plantball conflict
    • Compressed Moss Stone and TiCo Moss

New Forge

  • 2587

And of course...

  • Updated All the Mods

For an in-depth list of updated-mods changes see this log
(Thanks to ChangelogGenerator by TheRandomLabs for this)

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