Ancient Warfare 2





General Information

Ancient Warfare is a modification for Minecraft that adds a variety of game enhancements; new blocks, new entities, and a template based world-generation structure generator.

Beginning with the 2.x releases Ancient Warfare has been split into a multi-module release.  There is a single Core module that all other modules rely on for shared functionality.  Each other module may be installed individually, or in any other combination desired.  The non-core modules are – Automation, NPCs, Structure Generation, and Vehicles.  Each of these modules focuses on a single aspect of the mod.  Individual modules are not yet offered for download; this option will be available in the near future (likely after completion of the vehicle module).

Core Module

Adds core functionality and shared code needed by all other modules.

Structure Module

Adds template based structure generation during World Gen.  Includes in-game tools for creation of new templates, as well as a few tools to aid in map creation in general.

Automation Module

Includes machines to automate crop farming, tree farming, misc resource farming (mushroom, reed, cactus), animal farming, mining, and resource processing (ores).  Also includes a full featured MJ and RF compatible energy transport network.

NPC Module

Adds Player recruitable NPC for combat and utility purposes.  Multiple varieties of combat NPC are available (melee, ranged, medic, others), as well as several varieties of non-combat/utility NPCs (worker, item courier, barterer/trader). Also includes Siege Engineer NPC that can control siege weapons from vehicle module.

Vehicle Module

Includes a lot of siege weapons (Catapults, Ballistas, Hwachas, Trebuchets, Rams, ...)  and some additional utility vehicles (chest cart/boat) as well as plenty of ammo to use with them.

Questions / Suggestions / Just want to chat?

Join the mod's Discord channel

Bug Reports / Issues

Please report any bugs or issues on GitHub.  The issue tracker is located at:  Issues reported in any other way will be ignored.  Please browse the existing tickets to ensure it is not a duplicate.  If an issue exists that covers your problem feel free to add any additional info that you may have.

If your issue is not a duplicate, feel free to open up a new ticket.  Please describe the problem in as much detail as possible.  If it is crash related, include the crash report.  If it is a repeatable issue, describe the steps necessary to duplicate it.  All of this information will come in handy tracking down and solving the issue – the more information you provide, the quicker the issue can be found and dealt with.

Feature Requests

Is there a new feature you would like to see added?  Think the balance on something could use adjusting? Want more options for configurability?

The steps for feature requests are as simple as opening an issue ticket on GitHub.  Navigate to, click on the ‘New issue’ button, and when you open your ticket flag it as an ‘enhancement’ or ‘balance’ issue.  Fill in as much information as possible regarding the feature you would like.  Screenshots, links, diagrams, etc. are welcome (and encouraged) for explaining your idea.


Ancient Warfare is an open source project.  Contributions to the code are welcome.  More specific details can be found at the source repository, located at:

Instruction Manual

The full instruction manual (50+ pages) has plenty of info on how to play with the mod. However it hasn't been updated for a bit so if you're stuck or want to ask join the mod's Discord 


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