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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


Main Fix - Fixed NPCs despawning and not recreating spawners, no longer despawning can be used to clear structures.


Added protection flag that will be used in structures to make it hard to break blocks and force players to follow the structure plan more.
Added custom altar blocks with different cloths, altar candles and lectern for use in faction structures. (models/textures by Silentine)
Added golden idol cosmetic block (model by Silentine)
Added orc and goblin totems. (model by Silentine)
Added smingols faction - just two horse mounted NPC types
Added gui to save trade templates for faster trader setups
Added loot basket (model by WinDanesz)
Added coffins - cosmetic as well as functional - can be used as loot container (model by Sir Squidly)
Added urn - loot container that doesn't have inventory gui, but drops/spawns loot on break (model by Silentine)
Loot chest placer now has refactored gui that allows placing all kinds of loot containers as well as add potion and entity spawn on loot container opening/breaking. also is now able to copy past settings from other loot containers.
Added Brazier (model by Silentine)
Added Xoltec idol (model by Silentine)
Added stools that player can sit on for all vanilla wood variants. (model by WinDanesz)
Added simple wood tables in all wood variants, also form multiblock when multi placed next to each other (model by WinDanesz)
Added wooden chairs (model by WinDanesz)
Added tribal stool (model by WinDanesz)
Added new gui to simplify selection of skins for NPCs also makes it possible to use specific skins from skin pack
- has options to use default template per npc types
- player template
- or specify npc type templates to use with the option to select a specific one from the settings
- all skins that are not mentioned in the meta mapping file get mapped to "custom" npc type so these can be selected here as well and players no longer need to modify meta file if they just want to include their custom templates
- also has preview of the template directly in the GUI


Updated default skin pack - more variety, player owned NPC skins and more thanks LukyLucaz, Mohawky and others.
Updated some faction npc equipment to better match their role and faction
Made faction trader NPCs not move at all so they don't wander away from assigned place
Modified Food Value calculation to include Saturation
Refactored smoothing code a bit - corners are a little more round now and it also caches the border patters for faster processing with subsequent structure spawns
Sound block gui redesigned to be much easier to use and setup in structures, also includes a lot of new options to use in terms of when the sound block should start playing / should play
Manual updated with new content
Research note item texture updated - new texture by WinDanesz
Updated fire pits with the new models by Sir Squidly
Updated gate textures with the new ones by Sir Squidly
Added Stand Ground NPC Option to NPC gui - makes NPCs stay on the given point unless they are hungry/sleepy, but definitely will not leave it when trying to hunt enemies (useful primarily with archers)
Small change to despawn faction traders when they get loaded if they don't have any trades (to despawn those that have modded trades setup when the required mod isn't around)
Made female npcs use alex model by default
Added Quarry Y-Limit Option
Converted vehicle items from models to just regular textures

Added German Manual Translations
Added Chinese Manual Transalations

Added check to prevent crashes if people remove entities to spawn from spawner settings


Fixed saving structure data, prevents overlapping structures at times and is essential for protection flags to work
Prevent NPE for structure entry packets received after world is closed.
Fixed issue with spam log with false info about structures generated when there were none generated.
Fixed door placement in structures
Fixed images getting dark at times in manual
Giant Trebuchet Upgrades fixed to work
Fixed totem drop and pick block with middle click
Fixed advanced loot chest render bounding box so that double chest doesn't disappear at times.

Town gen related fixes
- Made unique structures in town gen really unique.
- Changed structure overlap check and added real randomization of unique structures to town gen.
- Fixed generation of lamps in towns