The Betweenlands v3.4.0


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    Oct 25, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

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  • Java 8


Spirits n' Sprites Update


Important: We've removed several unobtainable items and Forge will warn you about that when loading a world from a previous Betweenlands version ("Forge Mod Loader detected missing registry entries..."). That's fine and you can click "Yes".
We still recommend you make a backup before updating though (As you always should, anyways! Make yo backups!).


Also, this update requires at least Forge



  • Added Nibbletwig Planks and associated; slab, stairs, fence, fence gate, door and trapdoor
  • Added Hearthgrove Planks and associated; slab, stairs, fence, fence gate, door and trapdoor
  • Added Scabyst building blocks; storage, bricks, slab, stairs, wall, 3 chiseled variations, 2 pitstone variations, door, trapdoor
  • Added Amate Paper Panes; 3 variations
  • Added Mud Brick Flower Pot with Candle
  • Added Mud Brick Shingles block and slab
  • Added Root Sprite mob
  • Added Boulder Sprite mob
  • Added Spirit Tree + associated terrain generation and blocks; Spirit Tree Logs + 3 carved variations, Spirit Tree Leaves, Spreading Sludgy Dirt, Spreading Rotten Bark
  • Added Root Pods, which grow Roots and Giant Root blocks when planted
  • Added Spirit Tree Sapling, which grows friendly sentry trees which shoot at hostiles
  • Added Small and Large Spirit Tree Face Mask, which can be worn or placed as decorational blocks. Small Masks can be animated and crafted with a Weedwood Shield
  • Added Living Weedwood Shield, which shoots at hostiles
  • Added Sap Spit, used to breed Mire Snails, heal Geckos, and remove Corrosion on equipment
  • Added Bark Amulet, which when worn indicates a mob's health
  • Added Spirit Fruit
  • Added Menhirs, which generate throughout the world and can be activated for fast travel
  • Added Bone Wayfinder, which is used to activate Menhirs
  • Added Magic Item Magnet, which can be equipped and will automatically pull items towards the player
  • Added Gem Singer, which can locate nearby Middle Gems or Life Crystals
  • Added Amate Maps
  • Added Dentrothyst Shards (thanks Okl1001 for the idea and textures!)
  • Added several new config options regarding item black-/whitelists and gamerules (blFoodSickness, blRottenFood, blDecay, blCorrosion, blToolWeakness, blTorchBlacklist, blFireToolBlacklist, blPotionBlacklist, blFertilizerBlacklist) to customize mechanics.
  • Added config option to move equipment on HUD to the other side of the hotbar or to disable it completely
  • What's a Greebling?


  • Added rarities to some items
  • Added Scabyst to oredict
  • Added item sprites to Roots, Stalactites and Life Crystal Stalactites/Ore blocks
  • Amate Paper recipe now makes 9, up from 3
  • Lurker Skin Pouch can now deposit all items in an inventory by shift-right-clicking on an inventory block and renders on the player
  • Lurker Skin Shield can now be used as a raft
  • Weedwood Rowboats now protect the rowing player from attacks from below
  • Decreased Slimy Bone Ore and Middle Gem Ore generation
  • Purified Swamp Dirt now reverts to Swamp Dirt after 3 harvests, and Purified Swamp Grass after 6
  • Shields can now be upgraded with Middle Gems
  • Tar Beast Hearts can now be crafted
  • Caving Rope now has block lighting
  • Decreased large Marsh Ruins generation
  • Renamed Fire Fly to Firefly for cOnSiStEnCy
  • Renamed Ground Tangled Roots to Ground Roots, and made them obtainable from grinding Giant Root blocks
  • Updated Chinese translations (thanks RisingInIris2017)
  • Lurkers can now exist on peaceful with slightly different AI
  • Reduced network traffic from events and locations
  • Reorganized some blocks and items in the Creative inventory
  • Removed several unobtainable items
  • Additional item information regarding corrosion/food sickness and decay bar are now only shown if those mechanics are enabled
  • Dentrothyst now always drops 4 Dentrothyst Shards. 2x2 Dentrothyst Shards can be crafted back into Dentrothyst.
  • Changed Dentrothyst Vial recipes to use Dentrothyst Shards
  • Thrown Elixirs now have a chance to drop some Dentrothyst Shards
  • Smelting buckets filled with Rubber now gives 3 Solid Rubber


  • Fixed incorrect Life Crystal Ore oredict
  • Fixed Polished Dentrothyst dropping wrong item meta
  • Fixed Trapdoor rotations and side textures
  • Fixed some Buckets not being stackable
  • Fixed Weedwood Lever using Betweenstone base
  • Fixed Lurker movement in water
  • Fixed missing localization entry for mummy arms spawned by the Ring of Summoning
  • Fixed rare occurence where single chunks with overworld biomes would generate
  • Fixed mobs being able to break blocks in protected locations
  • Fixed the Dreadful Peat Mummy not being killable via command
  • Fixed TileEntities having incorrect registry name

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