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    Sep 28, 2014
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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10


Removed duplicate code This also prevents the storage bus from sending 2 packets instead of 1 when the fuzzy button is pressed - thepaperpilot

Removed Chat Spam, replaced with Achievement. - AlgorithmX2

Changed Inscriber to be upgradable with Cards Supports up to 3 cards Currently max 3 Acceleration Cards, each reducing the crafting time by 25% - yueh

Fix a memory leak with GridStorage - AlgorithmX2

Close GUI when Monitor Returns a new Handler, closes Chest GUI when cell is removed. - AlgorithmX2

Prevent calling client only localization method on server. - AlgorithmX2

Remove pointless ore dictionary registration. - AlgorithmX2

Fix for item #1133 - Ongy

Feature: #0856 - Whenever a player without "craft"-ing permissions attempts to open a crafting or pattern terminal, they will open the normal terminal GUI instead - thepaperpilot

Fixed Bug: #0880 - ME Chest can't be protected by ME Security Terminal. - thepaperpilot

Fixed Typo-s in recipes. - AlgorithmX2

Update process.recipe Fixed issue 1138 with oredictionary wheat. - Kolatra

Renamed Assets for typo fixes. - AlgorithmX2

Various Code Clean up and bulid system setup - yueh, FireBall1725, iloveportalz0r, thatsIch and Cisien