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    Sep 29, 2014
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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10


Downgraded forge to 1208 to fix compatiblity with forge multiparts - FireBall1725

Added how to submit issues to the readme, updated in contrib - FireBall1725

Resolved conflicts - thatsIch

Replaced normal for loops with foreach loops which is less error prone when just iterating over collection/array - thatsIch

Resolved conflict - thatsIch

Removes unnecessary returns - thatsIch

Moving the handling of progress to GuiProgressBar Adds an interface providing data for GuiProgressBar Changed all containers simulating progress to implement the interface - yueh

Added information about texture and model license - thatsIch

Removed unused and likely buggy class SortedList - yueh

Update And for pastebin - thatsIch

Update Removed urls cause they were not parsed in ```sections - thatsIch

Update - thatsIch

Fixed typo in SyncData - yueh

Added checks for null and equal class to .equals() Also switched a check for null in OreHelper#sameOre to prevent null == null => true - yueh

Removes not needed casts - thatsIch

Removes redundant final modifiers of private methods - thatsIch

Deleted some parens and fixed indentation - iloveportalz0r

Replaces String == comparison with .equals() - thatsIch

Replaces while iterators with foreach call - thatsIch

Removes not needed Boxing - thatsIch

Self assignment - thatsIch

Removed redundant array creations just to match varargs operations - thatsIch

Adding - Cisien

fix formatting - Cisien

Added some guidelines around how we will accept PRs. - Cisien

Fixed crafting watchers not having the right type - thatsIch

Resolved some unchecked Types - thatsIch