Arcane Arteries

Ever get bored of having to prick yourself 5 times before you can make a blank slate? I do, so I assume others are the same.


Blood Magic's early game, before you get a sacrificial dagger + mob farm, is extremely slow and tedious. Arcane Arteries is here to make it a little easier to start out.


What's added?
As of V0.6 -
4 Daggers:

Arcane Blade: Utilizes the inherent magic of Thaumium to make your dagger give you 500LP each time you prick yourself


Elven Dagger: Utilizes metals granted to you by the Elves of Alfheim, along with a little bit of mana, to grant you the ability to get 1000LP (or 1 blank slate) each time you prick yourself.


Razor Blade (disabled by default): This is meant for mod packers as a dagger they can configure to their own accord. More options will come soon :)


Evil Blade: Turn the most evil of werewolves into the optimal dagger of sacrifice. (This is a blade for use with the Evilcraft mod)


Thaumic and Botanical replacements for Blood Runes: These give no buffs to the Blood Altar, but can be used to help progress the tier of the blood altar (e.g. A Blood altar with 3 Botanical, 3 Thaumic, and 2 Blood Runes, below it will be Tier 2 - assuming they are placed correctly)


As of 0.7:

All mods supported have a sacrifice dagger, and a self-sacrifice dagger


What's planned?














Other mods?
Maybe Xeno's Reliquary, if I understood it better.
EE3 if more stuff gets added quickly
ProjectE is likely


MOD PACK DEVS! This is the bit you are looking for!!!!

I have no issues with you using this mod in your mod packs, although dropping me a notification would be awesome.


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