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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


ArmorPlus 1.10.2-


Major change, this update will remove all your armor forges, since it introduce their replacement the benches


{Features Added/Removed/Changed}
* MAJOR Update
* Refactor of "Armor Forge" to "Workbench" (Tier 1)
* Refactor or "Advanced Armor Forge" to "High-Tech Bench" (Tier 2)
* Addition of the "Ulti-Tech Bench" (Tier 3)
* Moved all ArmorPlus recipes into their benches
* Removed Prefixes before names that were listed
* Made all items require to have SHIFT pressed to show their tooltips
* Hidden Dev Items from JEI
* Added the ability to set potion effects to the armors via config
* Added the ability to color weapons' name
* Added debug info for the Ender Dragon Zombie if debugMode is true
* Moved all the remaining recipes to their benches
* Tiering from one to tier three is done
* You can add/remove recipes from all three benches through mod addons/integrations
* Added Just Enough Items (JEI) support for the Ulti-Tech Bench
* Added some minor, but handy info for the bows
* Improved how things work in code
* Added the ability to disable armors entirely from the game via config options
* Added Baubles integration/support
* Added some new Cosmetics
* Enchantments, added 2 new enchantment
    * Life Steal - when an entity is hit the player will get health points back depending on the level of the enchantment, the damage that the item will deal and some other calculations.
    * Furious - Treasure Enchantment, when player is hit wearing this enchantment the player will get speed and strength effects for a limited time depending on the level of the enchantment.
* Added new blocks
    * Colored variants of the stone bricks, tower and corner
* Added Recipes for the castle blocks
* Changed benches' models and textures
* Added support for block rotation
    * Block Lava Crystal, Block of Steel, Electrical Block, Lava Nether Brick, Compressed Obsidian
* Tinkers Integration
    * Added Compressed Obsidian material
    * Tweaked Lava Crystal Material, now requires 2 Lava Crystals or 1 Charged Lava Crystal
    * Tweaked Fire Storm modifier, now it has 10 levels instead of 4
    * Added compatibility for Steel material via ArmorPlus' steel
* Bows/BattleAxes/Swords Damage are now configurable
* Bows/BattleAxes/Swords Durability are now configurable
* Added Ender Dragon Arrow
* Changed Particles
* Added new achievements, tweaked the previous ones
* Tweaked base classes

{Bugs Fixed}
* Fixed Armors not having a real damage reduction value
* Fixed dupe glitch
* Fixed Potion Effect Particles being shown while wearing armors
* Fixed Ender Dragon Zombie being buggy and its movement


{Just Enough Items (JEI)}
* Fixed world freeze/crash using or later version of JEI

* <MC>-<Major>.<Minor>.<Patch>.<Build>


//Requires forge version 1.10.2- or later

//Requires TheDragonLib version 1.10.2-

//Optionally Requires JEI version 1.10.2- or later

//Optionally Requires Tesla version 1.10.2-