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    Jan 3, 2014
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Supported Minecraft 1.6 Versions

  • 1.6.4


-The Dark Nexus now checks isEntityInvulnerable and will not attempt to pull in those entities that return true
-Corrected recipes for epic and legendary mana potions
-Fixed a crash when a mimicked player entity (such as the one from ExtraUtils spikes) kills a mob that would trigger a compendium unlock
-Fixed pick block on ores returning the wrong block
-Added a config option to set the magic XP bar to always visible
-Lowered recipe costs of binding catalysts
-Binding now requires a blue skill point instead of green
-All spawn weights are now configurable
-Removed purple chalk and null magic runes
-Bound items now cause the HUD to show correctly in minimal HUD mode
-Dark nexii correctly give Mana Regen III buffs when over 10% full
-liquid essence is worth 4x as much power to a nexus
-the occulus no longer obfuscates names of skills you haven't unlocked
-fixed spell icons on mac/linux machines
-added worldgen blacklist IMC support
-sending a message with the key "dwg" and the id of the dimension you want to blacklist will prevent AM2 worldgen from happening in that dimension.


This mod is currently incompatible with RotaryCraft.
Shift+Clicking a spell book when dying it causes it to lose its contents
Leaving the End in a multiplayer game will reset your AM2 progression, skills, and rift storage.